Cambridge Who’s Who Recognizes Guttman Initiatives For Its Innovative Revenue Generating Philanthropic Model, Inducting Danielle Guttman Into The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive, Professional And Entrepreneurial Registry

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The honor salutes the creation of “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™ by the company’s President Danielle Guttman

Silicon Valley, CA, June 29, 2008, Cambridge Who’s Who (today) announced its recognition of Danielle Guttman, President of Guttman Initiatives, for her innovation of new protocols to develop significant funds to address charitable causes. Ms.Guttman created the new fundraising model of “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™, which can generate one hundred times more funds to be distributed for the specific charity or cause designated than the current practice of “cause marketing.”

Danielle Guttman has dedicated her career to public service, having given leadership to the Entertainment Industry Foundation and guiding its fiscal growth from a 1.5 million dollar annual budget to a 30-40 million dollar annual budget. Guttman’s signature has been the creative identification of new pathways to advance charitable fundraising, to structure innovative programs which engage public private partnerships in philanthropy and to drive charitable campaigns which dramatically impact critical issues of concern. Throughout her career, Ms. Guttman has created a legacy of developing and evolving new charitable business models and making a quantifiable impact on charitable causes.

In 2006, Guttman launched a new company called Guttman Initiatives. The firm’s mission statement is “to design, develop and implement “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™ to bring the charitable world together with global industries in enterprise which generates extensive, long term commitment and funding to a charitable cause goal, to generate new corporate business, and to invite public participation in new and innovative ways.

As the first application of the concept, Guttman chose to integrate an industry which has been famously diverse and competitive with virtually no prior undertaking of mutual cause…the wireless phone industry. Guttman has taken the lead in the creation of an industry business model for that industry, conjoining its vast capabilities in wireless phone technology for the purpose of keeping children safe and healthy. In May of this year, it was announced that companies participating in this effort called AmberWatch Mobile Initiative include Qualcomm, Alltel, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless and WaveMarket.

“This powerful collaboration behind the AmberWatch Mobile Initiative proves that industries can join together to support missions,” said AmberWatch Foundation President Joe Zerucha. “The entire industry is astounded that she unified the industry through the effort. It is something that has never been done before and it will be a giant step in protecting children from predators of our society.”

Guttman observes that, “even in the most competitive circumstance, a compelling charitable cause can bring about a compassionate alliance. The leadership of the wireless industry is setting an important example for other areas of commerce where resources can be joined to address critical urgencies. We plan to evidence the success of “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™ through the wireless community’s AmberWatch Mobile Initiative. I applaud the leaders of the wireless industry for their courage, commitment and caring and l look forward to seeing the incredibly positive impact we will have on children’s lives through the AmberWatch Foundation’s work.”