Multi-Family Housing Addresses Causes

The collaboration of Guttman Initiatives (GI) and Klein Financial Corporation (KFC) to design, develop and implement unique, sustainable cause marketing programs for the multifamily housing industry has provided a multitude of benefits for residents and the community:

  • Greater sense of community for residents
  • Convenience and savings for residents
  • Community-wide integration through cutting edge social responsibility programs
  • Long term dependable funding programs for non-profit partners

Several pilot programs are currently underway. These unique marketing programs, specifically targeted for the multifamily housing industry, are already demonstrating their effectiveness in helping apartment communities function more prosperously, as well as, positively impact collective giving and social responsibility.

Klein Financial is the premier real estate investment banking consulting company focused on affordable housing finance and development with a record of approximately $3 billion in financing and developing public and private projects. More than 60 % of Americans live in multifamily housing.

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