Wireless Industry Addresses Child Safety

In 2007/2008, Guttman Initiatives embarked on its first ever "Industry Integrated Charitable Initiative"™ that successfully brought together the leaders of the mobile industry to collaboratively address an important social issue: safeguarding children from abduction. The product provides a child tracking and alerting service nationally in use today.

From the start, Guttman Initiatives' vision of this unique collaboration was to build and implement an industry-wide product that would be available through all participating mobile carriers. Sale of the AmberWatch Mobile application and the monthly service fees would mutually benefit the carriers and the charity in a multitude of opportunities:

  • For the industry
    • Unique model of industry-wide collaboration to create and demonstrate benefits of new technology
    • Unified message of charitable goodwill
    • Public awareness of corporate social participation
    • Revenue sharing relationship
  • For the charity
    • Source of dependable revenue
    • Use of new technology to address a social issue
    • Generate increased public awareness

This Guttman Initiative led charitable initiative helped the wireless industry forge new relationships with various government agencies, raise public awareness on the many benefits of wireless technology, and identified the industry with philanthropy. All achieved by industry-wide collaboration.