“Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives™”

Cause Marketing Leading To Industry Integrated Initiatives

Cause Marketing is a business strategy that emerged and matured throughout the last two decades. Guttman Initiatives’ leadership has actively participated in developing and evolving the business model of Cause Marketing over the last 20 years. As the world grapples with the changes brought about by globalization, an increasing dispersed media environment, and higher public demand or corporate commitment to charitable needs, it is clear that the business strategy of Cause Marketing must evolve as well.

“Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™

Guttman Initiatives is revolutionizing Cause Marketing with more powerful “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiative”™. This business strategy brings together an industry to invest in the creation of an industry wide product or opportunity which will:

  • Ensure on-going charitable funds – Because of the business structure of these initiatives, the charity(s) or causes will benefit from the business as long as the product or opportunity is still available to the public. This structure ensures significant on-going funds to benefit and drive forward a specific charitable goal or “cause goal”™.
  • Raise awareness – Initiatives create a positive and proactive public awareness campaign for the industry at large.
  • Create benefits for the industry – Initiatives also drive new product which generates funds for the industry.


Attributes of “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™

There are four significant design attributes of “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™ that differentiate this campaign from more familiar corporate Cause Marketing Effort:

  • Charitable venture capital – Instead of directing marketing dollars or foundation dollars from a corporation to a charity or an event in exchange for marketing and promotion of the corporation, funds which are “Charitable Venture Capital”™ are built into an on-going business plan through the pioneering of new products, and new opportunities. These new products and opportunities generate revenue with the specified intention that substantial portions of this revenue from the new products or new opportunities are committed to a charitable cause.
  • On-Going collaboration – The partnership between the corporate world and the philanthropic world are an on-going collaboration to drive obtainable and quantifiable goals, solutions, and cures for a designated and defined area of concern.
  • Garner support from an industry – The goal of these initiatives is to garner an industry rather than a single corporation in support of the charitable goal. Guttman Initiatives has named such industry wide campaigns “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™.
  • Pareto Optimal Enterprise Philanthropy™ – The strategy is built around a “Pareto Optimal Enterprise Philanthropy”™ model, with a business structure designed to enhance the aggregate profitability for the industry participants, net of a significant revenue share for the targeted charitable cause and a revenue participation for the supporting companies designing and delivering the new products and opportunities. Pareto Optimal is the concept where the whole is greater then the sum of its parts. “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™ are based precisely on a strategy that optimizes this concept. It is intended that each participant has a net gain that is significant because of the unique product created for the initiative and the strategic selection of participants.

Through “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™ one industry truly can make a world of difference.