“Industry Integrated Social Initiatives Responsibility”™

While corporations can be a great source to address social problems, the collective power of an industry is even more powerful. Leveraging combined assets including funding, corporate resources and human resources ensures a much more significant and measurable impact. Stakeholders including stockholders, customers, employees, the community, the nation and the world have everything to gain from this most powerful form of social responsibility.


Attributes of “Industry Integrated Social Responsibility Initiatives”™

There are eight significant attributes of “Industry Integrated Social Responsibility Initiatives”™:

    • Uniting an industry in support of a cause
    • Efectiveness –  The structure of such industry collaboration does not promote competitive advantage. Therefore, the design of such an initiative diminishes the appearance of corporate promotion or lobbying.
    • Advanced progressive social policy – An industry coming together around a common area of concern signals advanced progressive social policy.
    • Partnerships evolve – Such an initiative is supported by world leaders and experts in the particular area of social interest. Partnerships can evolve for an industry that otherwise would be unlikely.
    • Additional funds raised – Joining together ensures more funds will be raised.
    • Goals are transparent – The initiative goals are transparent to the public and of pure intent.
    • No competitive advantage – Working together as an industry with industry collaboration does not promote competitive advantage for any one company within the industry.
    • No corporate marketing – Support of the initiative does not imply corporate advocacy for one corporation, the direct appearance of corporate promotion or corporate lobbying.

Through “Industry Integrated Initiatives”™ one industry truly can make a world of difference.