Corporate Philosophy

Within our rapidly changing world, one person, one corporation or one industry can perceive their ability to impact social change as challenging. At Guttman Initiatives, we believe that it is not only possible, but also vital, to identify new and innovative ways to promote social responsibility. We have created a business model that brings industries together in a collaborative, well-orchestrated effort that results in quantifiable social change by creating new market opportunities. Through such a cohesive effort individuals, communities and industries can mutually benefit.

Guttman Initiatives is dedicated to creating and implementing two distinctive “Industry Integrated Initiatives”™ to facilitate industry collaborative efforts to help promote social responsibility into daily life.

    • “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™
      An industry agrees to invest in the creation of an industry wide product and/or opportunity specifically designed to generate a significant revenue stream to fund social change and/or a charitable cause.
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    • “Industry Integrated Social Responsbility Initiatives”™
      An industry agrees to either generate or dedicate a specific portion of revenue from a product and/or company campaign to collectively drive a significant revenue stream to fund social change and/or a charitable cause. This model utilizes the combined assets of an industry to make a cumulative responsibility towards a given social concern.
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As a result of an industry’s combined participation, a given initiative is exponentially more effective and drives public/private partnerships that otherwise would not exist. Additionally each campaign is publicly perceived as an initiative of pure intent rather than “green washing” or a driving competitive advantage through a cause.