Qualcomm Announces The First Ever “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiative”™

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Seven leading companies within the wireless industry support the common mission to keep children safe and healthy and lead the way for other industries to embrace mutual charitable causes and make a dramatic impact in our community, our nation and around the world.

San Diego, California (May 29, 2008) Today at Qualcomm International’s annual BREW conference, Dr. Paul Jacobs, CEO of Qualcomm. Inc, announced that the leading companies in the wireless industry have committed to participate in the AmberWatch Mobile Initiative, a charitable effort which is designed, developed and is being implemented by Guttman Initiatives. The program generates funds for the AmberWatch Foundation and its non-profit partners. Wireless industry companies involved in the groundbreaking initiative are Alltel, at&t, Sprint, T-Mobile USA, Verizon Wireless, Qualcomm and WaveMarket. This is the first of it’s kind Industry Integrated Charitable Initiative.

Dedicated to philanthropy, Guttman Initiatives leadership has actively participated in developing and evolving the business model of Cause Marketing over the last 20 years. The recent environment of our economy and the increasing charitable needs in our community have highlighted the continued need to generate substantially greater dependable funding to address critical issues. “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™ can deliver that. The power of Industry Integrated Cause marketing is based on the Pareto Optimal theory where the whole is grater then the sum of its parts. Individually a company can generate income and support, together an industry can change an issue. An industry embraced program delivers the substantial, dependable, long term funding allowing a charitable strategic plan that reaches an end goal.

Guttman Initiatives leadership believes that a industry integrated business enterprise with a dedicated charitable revenue is a win win. Such a program, when appropriately developed, generates new revenue for an industry, delivers positive proactive public relations and builds a business model of support for a charitable effort so that the leaders in that area of philanthropy can focus their energies on delivering quantifiable results for the issue rather than focusing primary efforts on fundraising. Guttman quotes Sir Winston Churchill – We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give” “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiatives”™ allows industry and community to do both is a powerful way.

About Guttman Initiatives

Headquartered in Silicon Valley California, Guttman Initiatives mission is to design,develop and implement “Industry Integrated Venture Philanthropy”™ Initiatives which bring the charitable world together with Global Industries in an enterprise that generates extensive, long term commitment to a “Cause Goal”™, benefits the corporate world and invites public participation in new and innovative ways.