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Nov 2, 2011   //   by Administrator   //   Current Initiatives

Lifeguard Health Network Bridges the Gap in Continuity of Care for the Chronically Ill

Lifeguard Mobile health management tools creates the industry’s first fully integrated continuity of care network centered on the patient and his/her trusted support network. These tools drive important communications between the patient to their healthcare network and medical team to continuously assess, adjust and manage proactive healthcare. Lifeguard Mobile also empowers life safety by extrapolating important real time health information through Bluetooth from devices and through a push button mechanism to a predesignated network of supporters and medical care providers.

Why Lifeguard Health Network?

The founders are patient advocates who quickly recognized the significance of these unique health management tools in improving the quality of life and safety of their own family members who suffer from chronic disease. In addition:

  • Acceleration of aging population – 70% growth rate for people 60 years old+ expected between 2005 to 2020.
  • Acceleration of chronic disease medical costs – Currently accounts for 70% of total healthcare expenditure. In 2010, 141 million Americans with chronic conditions cost public/private insurers $845 billion dollars.
  • Acceleration of need for continuity of care in non-institutional settings (ie, home, work, rehabilitation facilities).

This universally accessible patient-centered, mobile health management solution targets:

  • Transitional healthcare
  • Chronically ill
  • Demographically vulnerable
  • At risk populations

and addresses the following issues confronting the delivery of healthcare today:

  • Empower the patient regardless of illness
  • Cost effectively improve healthcare outcomes
  • Scale health systems globally