The AmberWatch Mobile Initiative

Sep 2, 2011   //   by Administrator   //   Wireless Industry Addresses Child Safety

Guttman Initiatives worked to bring together the leaders of the Mobile Industry to embrace the first ever “Industry Integrated Charitable Initiative”™ called AmberWatch Mobile. In support of this initiative, new industry products were created. Products were conceived to generate revenue for the wireless industry and generate funds for the charitable cause. As the initiative rolls out, it will highlight the good will and good intention of the wireless industry and will emphasize the benefits of wireless technology and GPS applications. The campaign will also forge new and positive interaction for the wireless industry with government relations. Through this initiative, we found that carriers appreciate the opportunity to join together in an industry wide effort. The collaboration offers an unprecedented public awareness opportunity and an exceptional tie to a charitable cause. This is a fantastic way to help bridge public acceptance of new technology.

Initiative Marketing

The initiative will have its own comprehensive and exceptional marketing and pr campaign, which will attract the attention of worldwide press. The initiative will raise awareness, maximize reach and maintain constant visibility. The initiatives marketing campaign reflects the unprecedented convergence of industries and entertainment industry leadership in support of this effort and charitable cause.