Danielle Guttman Klein

“We Make a Living By What We Get, But We Make a Life By What We Give”

               – Sir Winston Churchill

Prior to founding Guttman Initiatives, Danielle Guttman Klein dedicated her career to nonprofit and corporate leadership roles that served her commitments to improving healthcare and medical research funding for chronic disease and injuries; preserving the environment and advocating for global climate policy; combating hunger in America; and, improving affordable housing resources for families and seniors.

Danielle dedicated her career focus to the leadership, development and growth of the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) for nearly two decades. In partnership with the president, Danielle helped to grow the organization from an annual budget of 1.5 million dollars, when she began, to 2004’s annual budget of 29.4 million dollars. During her tenure at EIF, she helped to raise and distribute over 250 million dollars in charitable funding with the proceeds benefiting chronic disease research, hunger programs and environmental programs. Examples of her major initiatives at EIF, in collaboration with Entertainment Industry leaders include:

The National Women’s Cancer Research Alliance
  • An entity dedicated to helping to fund critical research for drug therapies including Herceptin, the R&D of which was not being adequately supported by either public or private funding at the time. Herceptin now treats the most aggressive breast cancer in one-third of women suffering from the disease.
Hunger Free America
  • A program that structured donations to local foundations allowing the foundations to set up School Breakfast Programs in local schools accessing federal funding that otherwise would not be used. The program enabled 185,000 children to be fed – each day – through those facilitated school food programs.

In 2006, Danielle launched Guttman Initiatives. The mission of Guttman Initiatives is to design, develop, and implement innovative ways of building businesses while promoting social responsibility. Our team is passionately inspired to bring together unmatched collaboration, drive innovation, enhance the human condition and help to change the world. Ms. Guttman developed and drove the AmberWatch Mobile Initiative, historically bringing together, Qualcomm, Wavemarket, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Alltel for the first Industry Integrated Initiative.

Ms. Guttman Klein also helped launch a nonprofit organization, the Climate Response Fund, to focus on reducing the risk of climate intervention technologies (geoengineering). Guttman Initiatives, along with the Climate Response Fund produced the Asilomar International Conference On Climate Intervention Technologies, bringing together 15 countries on 6 continents. Ms. Guttman Klein brought together the Environmental Defense Fund, The Royal Society of United Kingdom, and The Climate Institute and the State of Victoria Australia as leadership co-sponsors for this international policy conference. Five Principles of Conduct were recommended from the conference. The Report on Geoengineering Governance from the Bipartisan Policy Commission released in October 2011 utilized these rules as the guidelines for the governance talks and final decisions.

Currently, Ms. Guttman Klein is continuing her work utilizing mobile technology; co-founding a company called Lifeguard Health Networks. Lifeguard Health Networks was founded to revolutionize the present approach to healthcare by creating an innovative healthcare platform to bridge the gap between the hospital and the home with the end goal of helping patients, their loved ones, and their care providers achieve the greatest possible health outcomes. LifeguardMobile™ provides patient-reported measures between visits, enabling improved informed clinical decisions.

Additionally, Ms. Guttman Klein is working with Klein Financial Corporation on housing portfolios with an aggregate value of 500 million dollars, designing and implementing innovative programs to improve major apartment developments that include affordable residential components. Her marketing and program developments for Klein Financial seek to create a model for utilizing the assets of the multifamily housing industry to generate funds for mission objectives that benefit lower income families and seniors (i.e. childhood education/hunger, health, medical research). Ms. Guttman currently serves as Executive Vice President of Marketing for Klein Financial in Palo Alto. She also serves as Vice Chairman of the Klein Financial Board of Directors.