Multifamily Housing

Guttman Initiatives strongly believes that individuals and families of all economic status, should have the right and the ability to make a home in the towns and cities in which they work. All individuals deserve to raise their families in safe environments and benefit from a strong school and work community. For more than a decade, the Guttman Initiatives team has been contributing to improving the lives of residents through programs and initiatives in mixed-income, multifamily communities. These programs have proven their value for property owners and residents alike and ultimately are a great asset for the community as well.

The Challenge

For decades, public housing was a visible and politically stigmatized reminder of urban poverty. Originally designed to accommodate an upwardly mobile segment of the working poor, public housing had inherent flaws. In addition to the visual consequence of such community’s, locations with concentrated poverty suffered from increased crime and violence. Furthermore, and equally significant, these communities did not enable upward mobility, with work too far away, local education poor and little to no access to nutritional food and/or healthcare.

For the real estate business, there is usually an intrinsic aversion to developing mixed income housing and dedicating a portion of their units to affordable residents. The income structure and benefits for the developers and investors is complicated. As a result, the demand for affordable housing exceeds the supply.

The Partnership

Since its inception, Klein Financial Corporation has taken on the challenge of proving that these problems can be avoided with the right combination of experience, talent, creativity; and, most importantly, the motivation to serve the public good.
In 2009, Guttman Initiatives joined with the Klein Financial Corporation to further the mission and the impact of serving the public good by proving that it is possible to synergistically increase a property’s value and profitability for owners and investors while also significantly improving the residents’ experience, increasing their opportunities, and improving their overall quality of life.

The collaboration between Guttman Initiatives (GI) and Klein Financial Corporation (KFC) employs property specific innovative and sustainable cause-marketing programs, serving the residents, the property and the community.