Our Initiatives

We forge revolutionary collaborations to drive innovation, expand philanthropic engagement, and establish new paradigms that advance the human condition.

Guttman Initiatives designs Industry Integrated Initiatives to counter immediate challenges; to affect lasting change; and, to stand as an open example for others seeking to produce similar impacts. We engage in developing two major types of initiatives: those focused primarily on generating and directing revenue for ongoing charitable causes; and, initiatives focused on raising and directing revenue to stimulate and/or accelerate positive social change.

    Initiative Categories

Industry Integrated
Charitable Initiatives™

These initiatives bring together industry leaders to collectively invest in the creation of industry-wide products and/or opportunities specifically designed to generate significant revenue streams for charitable causes.

Industry Integrated
Social Responsibility Initiatives™

These initiatives form industry partnerships dedicated to directing a specific portion of revenue from products and/or campaigns to collectively drive significant revenue streams to advance social change

Lifeguard Health Networks

Touched by our own difficult experiences as patients and caregivers, struggling to manage and coordinate care within our healthcare system, the Guttman Initiatives team was compelled to be a part of the solution to make healthcare easier and more manageable. Joining with visionaries and leaders in the technology industry, who also were motivated by personal health struggles, the team set forth collectively, to build and make available to the public a first of its kind, fully Integrated Care Network… Learn More

Multifamily Housing Initiatives

Each and every one of us has been affected in some way, by the changing economy. Of particular note are current delocalization trends, wherein the workforce is moving further and further from their work destination and communities are becoming notably less diversified. There are broad and far-reaching consequences for both the displaced workforce as well as the communities which they serve. Working with leaders in the mixed-income multifamily industry, the Guttman Initiatives team has inspired dedication to build value and opportunities to insure these model communities flourish … Learn More

The Asilomar Conference

For more than several decades, the scientific community has been warning that we must study climate intervention (geoengineering) in order to understand the “in case of emergency” options that could be relied upon, if we hit a “catastrophic climate tipping point. When the Guttman Initiatives team was approached to back this research, it became clear that this field of climate intervention experimentation was alarmingly unregulated. Building a collaboration with world leaders in science, environment, and politics, we set forth to cultivate oversight to protect both environment and research… Learn More

AmberWatch Mobile

Every every parent lives in fear the possibility of their child’s disappearance. In the United States, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children reports that every 40 a child becomes missing or abducted. With the rise of GPS- enabled smartphones came a 21st century option to dramatically improve child safety and reduce parent stress. Side by side with Qualcomm, Guttman Initiatives set forth to unite, otherwise competing telecommunications companies, to join in the first telecommunications Industry Integrated Initiative for Child Safety… Learn More